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Cover of Feeders and Bleeders

Book: Feeders and Bleeders

By Idella Breen

Setsuna Yuunagi didn’t know what she wanted out of life, but coming to America hadn’t been high on her list. Transferring late into her senior year, due to a mix-up with her transcript, her once calm life is disrupted. Only…

Cover of Unrestricted Magic

Book: Unrestricted Magic

By Idella Breen

Blairatrix and Belledonna Rose are twins and yet in every way possible they are polar opposites. One controls the light while the other suffers in the dark yet they couldn’t be closer as sisters. Now, college students and finally away…

Cover of Bone Walker

Book: Bone Walker

By Idella Breen

Eliza Trust was many things, stupid was not one of them. Cast into a world of supernatural beings fighting, for one thing, she refused to relinquish without a fight, her very soul. A mysterious stranger saves her in the most…

Cover of The King of Brimstone and Bones

Book: The King of Brimstone and Bones

By Idella Breen

All it took was one night for Snow to understand the truth of this. One decision made, protect Raegan McCloud, sets into motion a series of unforgettable and unforgivable events. Can Cait and Snow rise to this next challenge? Or…

Cover of Lover Eternal

Book: Lover Eternal

By Idella Breen

When Integra offers Snow a seat on the United Monster’s Council, she is eager to accept, but her mother will only allow it under one condition. “Make them love you.” Snow met her mother’s gaze with quiet determination. “And if…

Cover of Soul Awakened

Book: Soul Awakened

By Idella Breen | Narrated by Sophie Daniels

Knock one king down and another will take his place… An unwelcome knock at Cait’s door late one evening is a splash of cold water on her and Snow’s lingering honeymoon phase. An old enemy has risen from the fallen…

Cover of Pack Mentality

Book: Pack Mentality

By Idella Breen

Gwen had come to agree with this sentiment. There was the moment when her parents abandoned her, then there was the moment Remus took her into his clan, there was the moment she pushed Sam Lander into a mud puddle…

Cover of Blood Eternal

Book: Blood Eternal

By Idella Breen

Lena is an heiress in a time where vampires are dying out. The bond forged between them may be the needed beacon of light in a world that is quickly losing hope for a better tomorrow.

Cover of Blood Bound

Book: Blood Bound

By Idella Breen | Narrated by Sophie Daniels

In a world where monsters and humans live in relative peace.. Snow Bennett just wanted to get away from her overprotective parents. Transferring to the high school in the next town was the obvious solution. Monster High, isn’t an ordinary…