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Cover of Caring For Kara

Book: Caring For Kara

By Ina Channing

The evening was supposed to be a night of celebration — Kara’s last night as a single woman before marrying the love of her life. But when a gut feeling leads to her racing to the strip club where her…

Cover of Under Her Supervision

Book: Under Her Supervision

By Ina Channing

Sage may have been hired as a teaching assistant to Professor Emilia Hartley because of her mom’s friendship with the department head, but after two months in the position, she thinks she has more than earned it with her hard…

Cover of Officer Makes Three

Book: Officer Makes Three

By Ina Channing

When Detective Elle Reynolds starts investigating a string of high-profile robberies, the daring criminal couple responsible for them realize they need to stay one step ahead. Instead of trying to evade her, they decide to take a different approach: surveilling…

Cover of Satisfying the Popstar

Book: Satisfying the Popstar

By Ina Channing

After years of hit albums and superstardom, Darby Clayborn, music’s reigning pop princess, has finally earned the ultimate recognition – a Grammy win. Returning home from the ceremony, Darby was ready to celebrate her career-defining win with a glass of…

Cover of Bedding the Runaway Bride

Book: Bedding the Runaway Bride

By Ina Channing

Veronica is getting married to the woman of her dreams. Across town, Skylar is on the brink of doing the same to her high school sweetheart. Both of their lovers are holding secrets that, when revealed, send each bride running…

Cover of Pursuing Forbidden Fruit

Book: Pursuing Forbidden Fruit

By Ina Channing

Ten years removed from graduation, Eden Moss’s school reunion has arrived, and she has big plans. Tired of living in the shadow her last name brings, Eden vows to show how far she’s come from the cross-wearing saint she used…

Cover of Rewarding the Pageant Queen

Book: Rewarding the Pageant Queen

By Ina Channing

Hope and Gwen are two contestants competing to become the next Miss USA. Underneath their polite smiles, Hope sees Gwen as just another dime a dozen beauty queen, while Gwen views Hope as her biggest threat to the title. But…

Cover of Seducing the Help

Book: Seducing the Help

By Ina Channing

Courtney Veil expected things to be different after her latest stint in rehab. She did not expect a full-time handler and sponsor being assigned to her by her team. The once famed actress has been deemed a flight risk by…

Cover of Pleasuring the Rival

Book: Pleasuring the Rival

By Ina Channing

For 8 years, Naomi Wilson has held a senior associate position at Bennett & Bradford LLP, and her job security has never been in doubt. That is until a merger occurs, joining her law firm with another. Unwilling to become…

Cover of Working Overtime

Book: Working Overtime

By Ina Channing

Dr. Scarlett Norton, Dr. Ainsley Forbes, and Dr. Faith Conrad share more than a profession — they all have a complicated past with one man. Carson was Scarlett’s older brother, Ainsley’s ex-husband, and Faith’s deepest regret. Carson’s untimely death brings…