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Cover of Tides of Captivation

Book: Tides of Captivation

By Eden Hopewell

…Whispers of a secret haven called New Haven reach Isabella, a place where outcasts and those seeking a different life can find refuge. But the path to this sanctuary is fraught with danger, and Isabella must decide where her true…

Cover of Sweet is Her Kiss

Book: Sweet is Her Kiss

By Isabella Eden

Captain Jax Vesteren commands the flagship of her family’s luxury cruise line company, and she navigates the glittering Mediterranean – and her love life – with a guarded heart. Clara Sutton, a gifted chef with dreams that have been swept…

Cover of Sweet is Her Heart

Book: Sweet is Her Heart

By Isabella Eden

Lydia Hart heads an extremely successful London architectural firm and her designs, as whimsical and beautiful as the woman herself, win awards around the world. She only wishes she found matters of the heart as easy. Elise Meriweather is an…

Cover of Sweet is Her Love

Book: Sweet is Her Love

By Isabella Eden

Avriel lives for the thrill of the show. She’s the creative director of a modern, international circus, but with the company’s success has come the inevitable call of corporate expansion. It’s either the nomadic life under the Big Top that…