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Cover of We Are H.E.L.L

Book: We Are H.E.L.L

By J C Rowe

One that seems to repeat itself, day in and day out. Known for being the headmaster’s daughter at her high school, she spends more days than not being bullied, so she wishes for something to happen that will change her…

Cover of Running From H.E.L.L

Book: Running From H.E.L.L

By J C Rowe

Now, wanted for murder and escaping police custody, Elsie and Lu are on the run from both the law and the retaliation of the mafia after killing one of their own. Plagued with awful memories, regrets, and worry about being…

Cover of Locked Up In H.E.L.L.

Book: Locked Up In H.E.L.L.

By JC Rowe

Elsie and Lu Torres Alvarez have been sentenced to fifty-five years in prison each. They won’t be out until they are seventy-three years old. And that’s only if they survive the first year of their sentence. From the moment they…

Cover of Soul Unique

Book: Soul Unique

By Gun Brooke

She has created an empire by discovering and developing new artists. When she agrees to visit an art school in Boston, she encounters a woman, Hayden Rowe, whose paintings take her breath away. Greer realizes Hayden is not a student,…