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Cover of Minotaur

Book: Minotaur

By J.A. Rock | Narrated by J.A. Rock

When I was six, my parents died. When I was sixteen, I was locked away in Rock Point Girls’ Home. Nobody wants to deal with a liar. An addict. A thief. Nobody except Alle. She is pure, and she’s my…

Cover of Guarding the Rock Star

Book: Guarding the Rock Star

By Reba Bale

Wanda Ever since my time in the military I’ve been known for my icy calm. Nothing bothers me. Ever. At least until I meet my new protection assignment. Rock star Tasha Bates is young, flighty, and annoying. She’s also my…

Cover of Rock My Heart

Book: Rock My Heart

By Emma Nichols

…too attached to anyone ever again. Can she stop her heart from breaking twice as Alice grows closer to her and her feelings for Maddie deepen? Rock My Heart is the latest page-turner from bestselling lesbian romance author, Emma Nichols….

Cover of Do It for the Fame

Book: Do It for the Fame

By Kaya LaSalle

Lexi thought fake relationships were only something that happened on TV. That all changed when she ran into a desperate rock star… Lexi Ashford prides herself on being drama-free. She’s built a reputation for being a talented hair and makeup…

Cover of Fire, Water, and Rock

Book: Fire, Water, and Rock

By Alaina Erdell

When budding geologist Jessica Sterling arrives to work on her thesis while camping in Washington’s Dry Falls State Park for the summer, she shatters park ranger Clare DeVere’s hope for an uneventful season. Neither can deny their unexpected attraction, but…

Cover of Devil's Rock

Book: Devil's Rock

By Gerri Hill | Narrated by Abby Craden

Deputy Andrea Sullivan had hoped to leave the horrors of Los Angeles behind her, but the serial murders of college students in peaceful, picturesque Sedona is her nightmare case to solve. The complexities stretch local resources to the limit, and…

Women Rock Day

Today is Women Rock Day

…men when it comes to rock and roll. To celebrate the female rockers who paved the way, and who continue to influence rock music, we have chosen three sapphic novels with main characters who are rock and roll stars.  …

Cover of The Duet

Book: The Duet

By Harper Bliss | Narrated by Abby Craden

An iconic queer rock star. Her eager support act. A duet that will change their lives forever. The Lady Kings and their singer, Lana Lynch, have been out of the limelight since Lana’s partner’s sudden death ten years ago. They’re…

Cover of Menage a L'amour

Book: Menage a L'amour

By Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings

…be better. Until there’s an issue with Jane’s visa. Now, armed with the best immigration lawyer in town, Jane is prepared to do whatever it takes to stay in America. Another doesn’t want to rock the boat… When it’s apparent…

Cover of The Unlocked Legacy

Book: The Unlocked Legacy

By Lucy True

Unregistered warlock? Check. Date with the Witches Council? Check. Inevitable explosions? Check. Hey, it’s not like Burgundy Jane Hart asked for this, no matter how dull life as Rock Grove’s librarian is. But ever since her father showed up and…