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Cover of One Last Shot

Book: One Last Shot

By Jacqueline Ramsden and Lily Seabrooke

…do they have to lose? One Last Shot is a 100,000-word twin-swap popstar romance, and Lily Seabrooke’s and Jacqueline Ramsden’s first collaborative book, featuring a dysfunctional band that learns to work together, a secret identity, and a tour fling that…

All About I Always Will

All About: I Always Will by Jacqueline Ramsden

I Always Will by Jacqueline Ramsden Released: November 16, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? I’m pretty sure it was early September with all of the back-to-school happenings. I’d just finished the first draft of my…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

Jacqueline Ramsden Greengage Shelf by Emma Sterner-Radley Chaos in Milan by Edale Lane The Reverse Healer Case Files by Hiyodori Love’s Journey by Carrie L. Carr Intrusions by Barbara Winkes Prairie Fire by Kayt C. Peck Week of February 27…

Cover of I Always Will

Book: I Always Will

By Jacqueline Ramsden

When Alexandria met Hailey on their first day of secondary school, the last thing she was expecting was to become best friends with the chatty girl beside her. But friendship blossomed into first love, until different universities threatened to tear…

Cover of A Little Christmas Magic

Book: A Little Christmas Magic

By Jacqueline Ramsden

Lowen Hayes is overworked, overtired, and over it. After her boss gives her yet another task she can’t refuse, Lowen finally decides to do something for herself—forgoing the family Christmas time in favour of a solo trip to London. Amidst…

Cover of All the Right Wrong Reasons

Book: All the Right Wrong Reasons

By Jacqueline Ramsden

Rule number one is to never fall for a target. Perry’s never been good with rules. Perry is a master thief—and a responsible one—but she’s not nearly as good with women. When she and her trusted hacker took thirty-seven million…

Cover of Chasing a Ghost

Book: Chasing a Ghost

By Jacqueline Ramsden

The two-billion-dollar question: Who is Ghost Guy and how is he connected to Laird Hill? Norah Rosenberg works hard to keep her distance from her family. But when her half-brother, Laird Hill, comes into two billion dollars, Norah, Perry, and…

Cover of Mistletoe and Ivy

Book: Mistletoe and Ivy

By Jacqueline Ramsden

Ivy Stringer loves Christmas, lesfic, and, secretly, the fact that she shares a first name with her favorite author, Ivy Winters. With every book she reads, she hopes for her own magical holiday love story. Kit Gunderson is back in…

Cover of The Other Side of Leaving

Book: The Other Side of Leaving

By Jacqueline Ramsden

Tilly Fenchurch never saw any reason to leave Vermont. Living in the town where she grew up, working at her moms’ family business, and never traveling far, she tells herself she’s happy–at least until she’s pulled, quite literally, into Frankie’s…