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Cover of Deception in Cairo

Book: Deception in Cairo

By Jaye Rothman

If you enjoy lesbian thrillers, you’ll love reading the Cold War spy novels featuring MI6 agent Nikki Sinclair. Spring, 1976. Cairo. Nikki and her fake husband are undercover in Cairo and need to discover why a valued asset has stopped…

Cover of A Shameful Affair

Book: A Shameful Affair

By Jaye Rothman

East Berlin is a dark, desolate place. The Stasi (secret police) have eyes everywhere. Nikki becomes involved with dissenters who have hatched a dangerous and subversive plot. Meanwhile, her neighbour, Dagmar, an intriguing older woman, reveals her connection to the…

Cover of Danger in Dresden

Book: Danger in Dresden

By Jaye Rothman

Doctor Helene Zimmermann is the mastermind behind the Stasi’s evil plan to secretly dope female swimmers so East Germany can achieve gold medal glory. MI6 agent Nikki Sinclair’s mission – acquire proof for the Olympic Committee. A seduction is Nikki’s…

Cover of A Perfect Interlude

Book: A Perfect Interlude

By Jaye Rothman

If you enjoy lesbian thrillers, you’ll love reading the Cold War spy novels featuring MI6 agent Nikki Sinclair. An unexpected visitor arrives, interrupting Nikki’s well-ordered life. Although Nikki yearns for a relationship and Margot, her lover from Osirak, seems perfect,…

Cover of Our Spy in Istanbul

Book: Our Spy in Istanbul

By Jaye Rothman

Tatiana Kustova, the beautiful KGB rezidentura wants to defect. In return, she will provide intel vital to Britain and NATO. Nikki needs to confirm the document is genuine and extract Tatiana while battling Bulgarian minders, ruthless assassins and a KGB…

Cover of Murder By Umbrella

Book: Murder By Umbrella

By Jaye Rothman

An umbrella-wielding assassin has murdered two scientists recruited from the Eastern Bloc on the streets of London. Nikki is assigned to the top secret facility in the English countryside, where she encounters the prime suspect, the intriguing Eva Horakova. Nikki…

Cover of Treachery in Vienna

Book: Treachery in Vienna

By Jaye Rothman

Winter, Vienna 1973 Simon Wallace, the British Foreign Secretary’s trusted secretary, is procuring top-secret documents for the KGB. Nikki’s task is to neutralise him before he meets his handler. Wallace befriends Nikki. A cat and mouse game begins, leaving her…

Cover of A Spy's Romance

Book: A Spy's Romance

By Jaye Rothman

After a failed mission, MI6 agent Nikki Sinclair is devastated at the loss of yet another romantic relationship. And has lost all faith in finding love. When Nikki is assigned to befriend Anna, a stunning, sophisticated, mature Russian spy, their…