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Cover of Chasing Life

Book: Chasing Life

By Abigail Taylor

Watching roommate Shay find her dream girl is a double gift for Jessie. Not only has adorable Shay found her soulmate, but Jessie has found a true friend in Shay’s girlfriend’s younger sister, Jazz. As one couple explores new love,…

Cover of Starting From Scratch

Book: Starting From Scratch

By Jazz Taylor

Janie believes there’s a best way to do everything. When she sticks to a schedule, she and her mom can tackle anything. But Janie’s perfect schedule — and her life — are getting shaken up this year. Her new stepmom,…

Cover of Meow or Never

Book: Meow or Never

By Jazz Taylor

Avery Williams can sing, but that doesn’t mean she can sing in front of people. She likes to stay backstage at her new school, which is where, to her surprise, she finds a cat tucked away into a nook. Avery…

All About Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor

All About: Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor

Chasing Life by Abigail Taylor Released: January 5, 2023 Genre: Romance: Comedy Why this book and why now? I initially wrote Falling Blindly as a standalone. However, I had many people asking about Jessie, so I decided to share her…