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Cover of Cemetery Murders

Book: Cemetery Murders

By Jean Marcy

At the grisly crime scene Meg runs into Sarah Lindstrom, an attractive but aloof city police detective (known as The Ice Queen). Torn between cooperation and competition, both Meg and Sarah let their personal passions interfere with their pursuit of…

Cover of Dead and Blonde

Book: Dead and Blonde

By Jean Marcy

Police detective Sarah Lindstrom reluctantly calls on her sometime love, Private Detective Meg Darcy, to help find the killer. Megs barely suppressed attraction to her only complicates their investigation.

Cover of Mommy Deadest

Book: Mommy Deadest

By Jean Marcy

Who killed the principal of Scott Joplin High School? Of course the police are going to blame it on a young black student last seen in her office, but the boys aunt insists he is innocent and asks PI Meg…

Cover of A Cold Case of Murder

Book: A Cold Case of Murder

By Jean Marcy

Meg reluctantly agrees to take on what looks like a simple adoption query, but the case turns complicated when she discovers that the birth mothers murder eight years ago, remains unsolved. The cop who led the investigation is now the…