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Cover of Nashville In Love

Book: Nashville In Love

By Jenn Bridges

…first book of the series Nashville Love a collection of Lesbian Romance Novels. If you enjoy witty dialogue, drama, charming Southern characters, friends that are family, heart warming romance, and happily ever afters then you’ll love Jenn Bridges debut novel….

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…by Jenn Bridges Her Lady’s Fortune by Renee Dahlia Floodtide by Heather Rose Jones Pax Victoria by Cameron Darrow Project Mothership by Ash Gray A Fan to Remember by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue Week of June 12 Sex Toys All I Want…

Cover of Longing In Nashville

Book: Longing In Nashville

By Jenn Bridges

Paige has seen too many heartbroken people to be interested in love. As Nashville’s one and only Breakup Coordinator it’s her job to help people navigate through their breakups. Her one rule, never date a client. But that line blurs…

Cover of Forever in Nashville

Book: Forever in Nashville

By Jenn Bridges

The last few years have been a whirlwind for the Lossett sisters. Their parents’ divorce took everyone, including their mother by surprise. Now an investigation into his former company seems to point to their father being a thief as well….

Cover of Borrowed Hearts

Book: Borrowed Hearts

By Jenn Bridges

When Taylor Callahan reconnected with her estranged sister, Harper, she had no idea it would lead her to WaterColor, Florida. But when she decides to visit that’s where she finds herself. At a local bar, she meets Allison and they…

Cover of Music City Romance

Book: Music City Romance

By Jenn Bridges

Skylar’s always been good at keeping her love life casual. Now, she has the career she’s always wanted and the kind of house she’s dreamed of. Only to find both lonely without someone to share it with. The problem, she’s…

Cover of Love Along the Way

Book: Love Along the Way

By Jenn Bridges

Blakely Dixon is a free spirit. She has spent her life going wherever she wants. As a successful travel blogger, going fun new places is her entire life. She avoids unnecessary attachments. Who wants to be tied down? That all…

Cover of Chasing Forever

Book: Chasing Forever

By Jenn Bridges

Olivia Price was accustomed to being the black sheep of her family. A yoga instructor surrounded by a sea of lawyers, actuaries, and the occasional pharmacist. Even as a child she’d never quite fit. So when Jules, her perfect sister…

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…website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on books by Serena J. Bishop, Alaina Erdell, DDale, Jenn Bridges, and Becky Bohan….