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Cover of Whispers of the Ice

Book: Whispers of the Ice

By Jenn Gott

An uncertain haven. A tangled inheritance. A dark power awakens. The last thing that Praxis Fellows expected was to ever return to her family’s home, but when Pon Lanali seizes control of Durland and danger looms behind every corner, there…

Cover of Heart's Blood

Book: Heart's Blood

By Jenn Gott

A city of turmoil. A string of disappearances. The deciding move of a perilous game. It’s springtime in Monfort, and unrest is stirring everywhere. Shops are closing, trust in the Crown is faltering, and support for Pon Lanali’s anti-magic rhetoric…

Cover of Fixing Fate

Book: Fixing Fate

By Jenn Gott

An impossible choice. A warning they can’t ignore. One shot at fixing fate. Kaedrich Mannly always wanted to be a hero, and now that’s certainly happened. So the question is, what comes next? According to Praxis Fellows, the answer is…

Cover of The Lady of Souls

Book: The Lady of Souls

By Jenn Gott

A woman banned from using magic. An errand boy with a secret past. A journey to the heart of death itself. For Praxis Fellows, greatness has always been a given. But life doesn’t always go according to plan, and now…

Cover of Janie One More Time

Book: Janie One More Time

By Jenn Gott

Former comic book artist Jane Maxwell likes to think she’s adjusted pretty well to life as a superhero. She’s got full command of her powers, her wife’s back from the dead, and she’s launched a thriving new comics company. It’s…

Cover of Who's Afraid of Amy Sinclair?

Book: Who's Afraid of Amy Sinclair?

By Jenn Gott

Clair Maxwell didn’t ask to be resurrected, or to inherit the mind, body, and superpowers of her parallel self, but she’s done her best to live with it. Even if it means carrying around memories that aren’t hers, even if…

Cover of The Private Life of Jane Maxwell

Book: The Private Life of Jane Maxwell

By Jenn Gott

As the creator of a popular new comics franchise, Jane Maxwell knows a thing or two about heroes, but has no illusions of being one herself. All of that is shattered, however, when she finds herself swept into a parallel…