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Cover of A Curious Woman

Book: A Curious Woman

By Jess Lea | Narrated by Cat Gould

Bess Campbell has escaped to the windswept Australian coastal town of Port Bannir, determined to begin her life again. She is loving her fresh start, thanks to her fun job running a hip gallery, her territorial chickens, and a lot…

Cover of Looking for Trouble

Book: Looking for Trouble

By Jess Lea | Narrated by Cat Gould

Nancy is sick of living in the share house from hell, getting dumped by women who aren’t that into her, and being stuck in dead-end jobs. It’s time to chase her dream to become a political journalist, get her own…

Cover of The Taste of Her

Book: The Taste of Her

By Jess Lea | Narrated by Anastasia Watley

Discover the stern lingerie boutique boss’s secret when her ambitious salesgirl takes a peek where she shouldn’t. Receive a naughty literary festival lesson and enjoy the hottest cold war between rival movie make-up artists. Slide back to a decadent 1930s…

Cover of A Curious Visit

Book: A Curious Visit

By Jess Lea

Partners in love, life, and earnest museum appreciation, Margaret Gale and Bess Campbell desperately need a break. Strict, meticulous ice queen Margaret has been fired for frightening her auction house customers, while free-spirited Bess hates her office job. While holidaying…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Renee Roman Crossing the Pond by Sienna Waters Looking for Trouble by Jess Lea Hugs & Quiches by Candace Harper Mechanics of Love by Meka James Finding Faith by Kim Pritekel Secrets Well Kept by Lynn Ames The Contract by…

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I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge Week 23: 18 Books on Sale

…Brooks, Lucy Bexley, Eliza Lentzski, Jess Lea, Sabrina Kane, and so many others. You’ll find plenty of steamy erotic romance books, wlw age gap, queer mysteries, and more with women loving women characters. If you get lost between the two…