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Cover of Wisdom

Book: Wisdom

By Jesse J. Thoma

Sophia Lamont is the youngest representative her state has ever seen. She’s determined to leave her mark on day one. Old school politics won’t dare stand in her way. As a prison guard, Reggie Northrup has seen the system fail…

Cover of Hero Complex

Book: Hero Complex

By Jesse J. Thoma

Being labeled a mad scientist doesn’t faze Bronte Scales. Accidentally gaining superpowers didn’t even seem that strange. It’s not until she realizes someone is out to get her and her do-it-yourself super tech invention, that she reluctantly becomes one part…

Cover of Courage

Book: Courage

By Jesse J. Thoma | Narrated by Kiera Grace

Natasha Parsons is a ride-along mental health clinician attached to the local police department. She charges into danger without a gun or badge to de-escalate crises. She’s quick on her feet and confident in her opinions. If only she could…

Cover of The Town That Built Us

Book: The Town That Built Us

By Jesse J. Thoma

Now, years later her father’s death brings her back to town. As long as she can settle his affairs quickly and avoid interacting with Bonnie Whitlock, maybe she’ll survive the trip. Bonnie was at Mr. Cook’s bedside the night he…