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Cover of Homebodies

Book: Homebodies

By Tembe Denton-Hurst | Narrated by Marcella Cox

Mickey Hayward dreams of writing stories that matter. She has a flashy media job that makes her feel successful and a devoted girlfriend who takes care of her when she comes home exhausted and demoralized. It’s not all A-list parties…

Cover of Lucky Number

Book: Lucky Number

By Jo Cox

After months of illness, Abi’s desperate to get back to normal. The trouble is, normal doesn’t exist anymore—her clients have all deserted her, she’s back living with her parents, and someone’s even had the audacity to clean the football club…

Cover of Keeping Score

Book: Keeping Score

By Jo Cox

Life isn’t a fairy tale and Jax knows that all too well. She’s practical, pragmatic, and able to cope with anything the world throws at her, including a bar stool in a blackout or the slimy advances of her so-called…