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Cover of Sapphic Sizzle

Book: Sapphic Sizzle

By Anne Hagan

Take a break with these bestselling indie authors. They promise to turn up the heat! Before Dana ~ Anne Hagan In Your Hands ~ Johana Gavez My Edinburgh Awakening ~ Kitty McIntosh Return of the Brat ~ Kim Hartfield Silly…

Cover of Leap to Love

Book: Leap to Love

By Johana Gavez

Sonya Vassilieva is Rusia’s biggest hope of winning a gold medal at the most important competition in gymnastics. When a mistake destroys that dream, she questions everything in her life, including her relationship with fellow gymnast Arina Sokolova. Arina wants…

Cover of Tell Me What You Want

Book: Tell Me What You Want

By Johana Gavez

Since her divorce four years before, love hasn’t been in the cards for Olivia Fernández. She focuses on work, her children, and the occasional fleeting encounter that never becomes more. The last thing she wants for Valentine’s Day is to…

Cover of Score to Love

Book: Score to Love

By Johana Gavez

Antonia Carvalho left her native Brazil in search of a dream: a professional soccer career and better opportunities for her and her brother. The plan is simple; score as many goals as possible with the Houston Starlight and become one…

Cover of Match to Love

Book: Match to Love

By Johana Gavez

An internet friendship becomes so much more in this light-hearted lesbian sports romance. World-renowned tennis player Daniela Martinez has everything she could wish for, except love. When romance knocks on her door, she will have to find a balance between…

Cover of In Your Hands

Book: In Your Hands

By Johana Gavez

In Your Hands is a short story originally published as part of the Sapphic Sizzle anthology in 2022 and is now available as a free download on all major retailers and BookFunnel. After being single for several years, Manuela is…

Cover of This Is the Season to Make You Mine

Book: This Is the Season to Make You Mine

By Johana Gavez

Morgan Bergman doesn’t want to go home for Christmas. She loves her family, but since her parents retired and her sister moved back to their hometown of Apfelville to take over the family business, she’s been avoiding them, feeling guilty…

SapphFic Mischief Saturday Morning Graphic

Angela Greenman, Caturday, Book Deals, and Sapphic News

…Riley Rose S.W. Andersen, Jennie Davids, Kelly Farmer, Sarah Ettritch, and S R Silcox Johana Gavez and Ruby Scott Iona Kane, BA Tortuga, J.J. Hale, and Nan Campbell We wouldn’t be able to run IHS without the amazing support of…