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All About Proximity

All About: Proximity by Jordan Meadows

Proximity by Jordan Meadows Released: Sep 12, 2023 Genre: Paranormal Romance Why this book and why now? This book was a stretch for me when I wrote it. It is a speculative novel, and all I’d written before was romance….

Cover of Proximity

Book: Proximity

By Jordan Meadows

The only thing keeping Joan’s dangerous powers under control is her cousin Sabrina’s rare ability to counteract them. Luckily, they’ve got the support of their powerful Family, they’re best friends, and they’ve managed to build a life around each other’s…

Cover of Kissing Practice

Book: Kissing Practice

By Jordan Meadows

The year is 1987, it’s Nicki’s sixteenth birthday party and she’s having a great time with her best friends, hanging out in a hot tub and listening to the radio while snow falls all around. When a playful practice kiss…

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