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Cover of Dominated By the Boss

Book: Dominated By the Boss

By Josie Bale

When Suzanne backs into a fancy sports car belonging to one of the senior partners, she knows she’s in big trouble. She already has too many accidents on her record to report the damage to her insurance. Karen decides to…

Cover of Pleasing the Boss

Book: Pleasing the Boss

By Josie Bale

When Brandy overhears one of her coworkers getting punished at the office she’s intrigued. Maybe a little turned on. She can’t help but fantasize about her boss Sasha using her famously stern demeanor to redden her behind – and more….

Cover of Punished By the Boss

Book: Punished By the Boss

By Josie Bale

When Alina makes a coding mistake that creates a lot of extra work for the team, her boss Ruth is furious. Ruth gives her an ultimatum: pack up her stuff and leave, or submit to a spanking. Alina has never…

Cover of Tied Up By the Boss

Book: Tied Up By the Boss

By Josie Bale

Marci has heard the rumors – senior staffers at her work are punishing their subordinates with good hard spankings. But it can’t really be true, can it? When the shy computer coder gets assigned to her secret crush for a…