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Cover of Exes and O’s

Book: Exes and O's

By Joy Argento

After yet another failed relationship, she decides it’s time to dig deep and find out what she’s doing wrong. Contacting her exes with a questionnaire seems like a piece of cake, until she gets to her high school sweetheart and…

Cover of Gin and Bear It

Book: Gin and Bear It

By Joy Argento

Kelly James has been handed a raw deal in life. When she is forced to give up Bear, the cat she’d recently adopted, it’s just one more heartache to add to the pile. To the outside world, Logan Spencer has…

Cover of Missed Conception

Book: Missed Conception

By Joy Argento

She never planned on losing her wife just two years later and raising Cassidy on her own. When she turns eighteen, Cassidy wants to discover which traits she inherited from the anonymous sperm donor and which came from her mother….

Cover of I Do, I Don't

Book: I Do, I Don't

By Joy Argento

Reality television is here to find out, and thousands of viewers are along for the ride. Two total strangers, matched by the world’s most advanced romance algorithm, meet at the altar to say, “I do.” Their every awkward moment and…

Cover of Letters from Sarah

Book: Letters from Sarah

By Joy Argento

She never expects that the email she sends to Julie’s old account, hoping for closure, would end up in someone else’s inbox. Lindsey Cooper is deeply touched when she receives an email meant for someone else. She writes back, explaining…

Cover of Emily’s Art and Soul

Book: Emily’s Art and Soul

By Joy Argento

Those challenges pale, however, when her mother dies and Emily finds herself caring for her sister who has Down syndrome. When Emily meets Andi Marino she thinks she’s found a new best friend, just the right kind of fun and…