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Cover of The Lone Star Collection II

Book: The Lone Star Collection II

By Affinity Rainbow Publications Anthology

If you enjoy romance, Kris Bryant and Dena Blake have penned hot contemporary stories in Heat and Horseplay, while Pins and Needles, by Julie Cannon, is a historical adventure. Annette Mori also contributes to the romance fare with a beautiful,…

Cover of Fore Play

Book: Fore Play

By Julie Cannon | Narrated by Charley Ongel

That’s the exact situation high-profile executive Leigh Marshall finds herself in when she falls hard for her golf pro, who also happens to be an ex-con. Her board of directors hasn’t gotten the memo regarding workplace equality and who she…

Cover of Come and Get Me

Book: Come and Get Me

By Julie Cannon | Narrated by Heather Miles

That’s exactly the situation that Elliott Foster, CEO of Foster MacKenzie, finds herself in when she meets the alluring Lauren Collier, Chief Legal Counsel of a Fortune 500 company. Elliott never has a shortage of attractive women willing to share…

Cover of Heart 2 Heart

Book: Heart 2 Heart

By Julie Cannon | Narrated by Paige McKinney

In the aftermath of a shattering personal loss, Detective Kyle Bain buries her pain in the routine of fulfilling her professional and family obligations. When she meets Lane Connor, the owner of a popular restaurant on the shores of the…

Cover of Heartland

Book: Heartland

By Julie Cannon | Narrated by Paige McKinney

Political strategist Rachel Stanton, jaded and disillusioned by the scratching, clawing, and mudslinging of the campaign trail, books a week at the Springdale Ranch for a much-needed vacation. Springdale sounds like just the place to exorcise unhappy childhood memories and…

Cover of Uncharted Passage

Book: Uncharted Passage

By Julie Cannon

Refusing to allow her absent lover to ruin her vacation in an exotic corner of Thailand, Emily Stone determines to set her private disappointment aside and enjoy herself–until a natural disaster strikes and turns her world upside down. Major Hayden…

Cover of Just Business

Book: Just Business

By Julie Cannon

Real estate tycoon Dillon Matthews, in the middle of negotiating the deal of her life, is stunned when the owner of the small parcel of land she desperately needs to complete her latest project presents the final condition she must…

Cover of Power Play

Book: Power Play

By Julie Cannon

Tate Monroe is a high-powered business executive with a Wharton MBA, a Coach briefcase, and Jimmy Choo shoes. She has never failed to deliver exactly what her boss wanted. But Tate didn’t count on running into Victoria Sosa, an Olympic…

Cover of Descent

Book: Descent

By Julie Cannon

Being on top is the only thing that matters to Shannon Roberts. If not in that position in a hotel room with the latest groupie on the mountain bike racing tour, it’s seeing her name in first place on the…

Cover of Breaker's Passion

Book: Breaker's Passion

By Julie Cannon

Leaving a trail of broken hearts scattered across the islands, surf instructor Colby Taylor, aka Breaker, is running full speed away from her selfish actions years earlier. Hiding in the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, the last thing she…