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Cover of Shipwrecked

Book: Shipwrecked

By Juniper Butterworth

The quiet daily routine of the sea goblin village is upended by the wreck of a pirate ship in the harbor. Tellop, who wrangles magical goats, rushes down to help the hapless crew, only to be instantly smitten with the…

Cover of Bewitched

Book: Bewitched

By Juniper Butterworth

The ship’s navigator, Haven, mother of a rare goblin baby, reluctantly trades the hazards of sea life for a new set of threats to her small daughter: mischievous goats, broken dishes, and unwise choice of vegetables while pickling. But a…

Top 5 Reads of 2023 Graphic

Mary's TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

…5. Shipwrecked by Juniper Butterworth This is a sort of YA but sexy fantasy romp set in a universe where goats have magic and are in the care of goblins endowed with irresistible feline qualities. Amiable pirate goblins get involved…

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…Ashton, Virginia Black, and Cari Hunter. Find out Jude’s top 5 books right here. Mary divulges their top reads that include authors Hiyodori, Nghi Vo, Skye Kilaen, Rien Gray, and Juniper Butterworth. Find Mary’s top 5 books right here. M….