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Cover of Timed Romance

Book: Timed Romance

By K'Anne Meinel | Narrated by Nicola Casey

Falling in love gives you no time or place; no reason or excuses. It’s a deliberate act that can leave you breathless from ecstasy or pain. There is no rhyme, no sense, no time. There is no precedence, no priority….

Cover of Outback Future

Book: Outback Future

By K'Anne Meinel

Alinta is determined to make sure she never becomes a victim again, but what can she do when Mel’s previous love shows up at the outback station they are building together? The white woman, with her proper English ways, is…

Cover of The Wicked Stepdaughter

Book: The Wicked Stepdaughter

By K'Anne Meinel | Narrated by Louise Cooksey

Returning home from school one day, Abigail is shocked to find three strange women moving into her home. Her father has remarried without even inviting her to the wedding, and now the family dynamics have changed drastically. Dealing with these…

Cover of Home

Book: Home

By K'Anne Meinel

Home: such a beautiful word, but not something everyone wants, needs, or desires. For Taylor and Bree Moore, having their own home was the ultimate plan. They scrimped and saved for years, and now they are going to have to…

Cover of Lied

Book: Lied

By K'Anne Meinel | Narrated by Desarae Holland

She was angry. She was fed up. It was time to take justice to the justices and other politicians who weren’t doing their jobs, especially the ones who had lied to obtain their positions in our political system. They’d forgotten…

Cover of Beauty and the Beast

Book: Beauty and the Beast

By K'Anne Meinel | Narrated by Nicola Casey

A tale for the ages. A love that transcends time. Princess Gabrielle is required to marry a man to provide an heir for her family’s kingdom, but she is in love with her childhood best friend Rosie, who has secrets…

Cover of An Island Between Us

Book: An Island Between Us

By K'Anne Meinel | Narrated by Violette Helvetica

The war is over, and the boys are coming home. It’s time for women everywhere to leave the factories and return to their rightful places…in the kitchen. Women did their duty and filled many traditionally male jobs while their men…

Cover of Agitated

Book: Agitated

By K'Anne Meinel

Alone in the laundromat can she get away with what she needs to do? Does she dare? What happens if she gets caught…or rather when?…

Cover of Long Distance Romance

Book: Long Distance Romance

By K'Anne Meinel | Narrated by Nicola Casey

If you suddenly and unexpectedly fell in love, wouldn’t you want to spend every possible moment with your new love? Wouldn’t you want to spend time holding hands, touching, sharing emotions, and learning everything possible about each other and your…

Cover of Anthology

Book: Anthology

By K'Anne Meinel | Narrated by Desarae Holland

A series of short stories, some of which are no where else in print! Including: Cuff Her Family Night 2 Bikini’s are Dangerous 4 Bikini’s are Dangerous 5 Internet Dreamers Snoggered The Rockhound Stolen Agitated Charming Thief ~Snake Island~ Love…