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Cover of The Lost Temple of Psiere

Book: The Lost Temple of Psiere

By K. Aten

As the heir to the throne, Royal Connate Olivienne Dracore cannot escape having a Shield team protecting her wherever she goes. But with the addition of Shield Commander Castellan Tosh, she has a team that doesn’t just guard her person…

Cover of Burn It Down

Book: Burn It Down

By K. Aten

Ash Hayes was failed by the system at the tender age of sixteen and suffered an addiction. As a result she lives her life weighed down by the guilt of her past. To atone for childhood misdeeds, Ash trained as…

Cover of The Sovereign of Psiere

Book: The Sovereign of Psiere

By K. Aten

Psiere is a world of intrigue where old ideology meets new. The Makers built massive pyramids on each continent and filled them with encrypted texts and advanced technology. The two suns, Archeos and Illeos shine down on a mostly undiscovered…

Cover of The Sagittarius

Book: The Sagittarius

By K. Aten

Kyri has known her share of loss in the two decades that she has been alive. She never expected to find herself a slave in roman lands, nor did she think she had the heart to become a gladiatrix. But…

Cover of The Archer

Book: The Archer

By K. Aten

Kyri was raised a fletcher but after finding a new home and family with the Telequire Amazons, she discovers a desire to take on more responsibility within the tribe. She has skills they desperately need and she is called to…

Cover of The Fletcher

Book: The Fletcher

By K. Aten

Kyri is a fletcher, following in the footsteps of her father, and his father before him. However, fate is a fickle mistress, and six years after the death of her mother, she’s faced with the fact that her father is…

Cover of Children of the Stars

Book: Children of the Stars

By K. Aten

This tale about two orphaned babies sent to Earth for their survival, reads like it was torn from the pages of a comic book. Born soul mates, Amari and Zen spend their lives looking for each until they finally meet…

Cover of Rules of the Road

Book: Rules of the Road

By K. Aten

Jamie is an engineer who keeps humor close to her heart and people at arm’s length. Kelsey is a dental assistant who deals with everything from the hilarious to the disgusting on a daily basis. What happens when a driving…

Cover of Running From Forever

Book: Running From Forever

By K. Aten

Sarah Colby has always run from commitment. But after more than a year on the road following her musical dreams, even she yearns for a little stability. Her sister Annie is only too happy to welcome her back home. When…

Cover of Embracing Forever

Book: Embracing Forever

By K. Aten

Sarah Colby is a musician, teacher, lover, sister, and so much more. In the past year, she learned that sometimes life takes you places you never even knew existed. For Sarah and her sister Annie, they found out that not…