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Cover of Darkness Unknown

Book: Darkness Unknown

By KC Luck

…with conflict and heroism, then you will love KC Luck’s page-turning new book “Darkness Unknown.” This full-length novel, which can be read as a stand-alone book, is closely tied to the previous stories in the best-selling Darkness series, starting with…

KC Luck, Cameron Darrow, and a Dog Named Lucas

…deadline. Whatever your plans this weekend, we hope you have a fabulous one. Learn 5 Random Facts about KC Luck, claim your free book by Cameron Darrow (last day it’s free!), and make sure you scroll all the way to…

Cover of Rescue Her Heart

Book: Rescue Her Heart

By KC Luck | Narrated by P. J. Morgan

…changing the trajectory of her life forever. Catherine Porter is down on her luck in the worst way. Evicted, almost penniless, she worries all hope is lost until a charismatic stranger flies into her life. Inexplicably drawn to the one…

Cover of Luck Lines

Book: Luck Lines

By Quinn Tollens

Spend it wisely and the doors to success will open. Spend it foolishly and you’ll be shunned as a reckless blank-arm. At age twenty-three, Helena has never spent a single inch of luck, for fear of ending up like her…

Cover of Mall Out of Luck

Book: Mall Out of Luck

By Sarah Robinson

…opening of her bar—The Lucky Leprechaun—and, as luck would have it, it’s also St. Patrick’s Day so it’s not surprising when she finds herself charmed by one of the patrons at the bar. Nell James believes that everyone makes their…

Cover of Luck Be a Lady Pirate

Book: Luck Be a Lady Pirate

By Catherine Stein

Yvette Séverin has piracy in her blood. The only child of the vile Captain Redbeard, she has commandeered his name, his best smuggling routes, and a perfect airship. Now she’s determined to shove all her past failures aside and make…

Cover of When You Least Expect It

Book: When You Least Expect It

By Haley Cass | Narrated by Lori Prince

First, she is going to be Boston’s most sought after divorce attorney by thirty-five. Second, given how terrible her romantic track record is, falling in love isn’t in the cards for her. And third, Christmas only brings her bad luck

Cover of Taking Flight

Book: Taking Flight

By T C Parker

Times are tough for Felicity Fitzgerald: once a hotshot designer, now an international disgrace. Stranded in San Francisco after running away from a cancelled wedding back in London, she’s out of money and out of luck – forced to take…

Cover of Jingle around the Block

Book: Jingle Around the Block

By Serena Kirsch

…Christmas party alone, and the pressure’s on. RACHEL NELSON can’t seem to find any luck in love, especially not in winter, where romance goes to die. She’s bitter about moving back to Lake Ridge, the suburban hometown that spat her…

Cover of Starfall Ranch

Book: Starfall Ranch

By California Dawes

…let anyone in again, and she certainly has no patience for rich off-worlders who show up on her doorstep unexpectedly. Especially when Thisbe shows up in the middle of a streak of bad luck: her fruit trees have succumbed to…