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Cover of Comfort and Joy

Book: Comfort and Joy

By Karin Kallmaker | Narrated by Karin Kallmaker

…clearly there and only requires the opportunity and time.” – Dear Author “A delightful, gentle tale of an unexpected connection… Karin Kallmaker’s writing brings the scene to life, from the chilly cemetery to a teeming hospital café.” – The Lesbian…

Cover of Maybe Next Time

Book: Maybe Next Time

By Karin Kallmaker

…believes that the gentle breezes and possible welcome in Jorie’s eyes can repair the lives she’s shattered, including her own. Karin Kallmaker’s searing novel of innocent first love and dangerous seduction joins an unparalleled string of critically acclaimed bestsellers that…

Cover of Cowboys and Kisses

Book: Cowboys and Kisses

By Karin Kallmaker | Narrated by Ann Shanks Etter

…the longing gaze of a townswoman, will she finally find kisses she can trust? Two determined women in a hostile world save themselves — and each other — in a lyric, sensual love story as only Karin Kallmaker can tell….

Cover of A Fish Out Of Water

Book: A Fish Out Of Water

By Karin Kallmaker

…side. Erica, who is now dying for want of the one thing they can never share again. Karin Kallmaker turns an originally dark fairy tale into a sensuous modern lesbian romance exploring boundaries of love and trust, atonement and pleasure….

Cover of Painted Moon

Book: Painted Moon

By Karin Kallmaker | Narrated by Abby Craden

…lead back to each other? Or will that stunning weekend together be their last? One of Karin Kallmaker’s most enduring, popular novels, this Painted Moon 25th Anniversary Edition features a new foreword by the author and additional next chapters for…

Cover of Making Up for Lost Time

Book: Making Up for Lost Time

By Karin Kallmaker | Narrated by Abby Craden

And with Karin Kallmaker cooking, you know the result will be hot, spicy and mouth-wateringly delicious! Master Chef Jamie Onassis has used every penny she has to buy a beautiful country inn she plans to turn into a five-star restaurant….

Cover of Wind in Her Hair

Book: Wind in Her Hair

By Karin Kallmaker

…all by herself for the first time in her life. Irene has no goal in mind but to see something new. She gets her wish — and a great deal more. Join Karin Kallmaker for a journey to California in…

Cover of Warming Trend

Book: Warming Trend

By Karin Kallmaker | Narrated by Abby Craden

…But there’s no data to suggest that Eve has thawed and that the fire they once shared can be rekindled. In this romantic story of the icy north, Karin Kallmaker explores the passion that can melt even a frozen heart….

All About Cowboys and Kisses

All About: Cowboys and Kisses by Karin Kallmaker

Cowboys and Kisses by Karin Kallmaker Released in Audio: November 4, 2022 Genre: Historical Romance Why this book and why now? It is especially important now, with far right groups attempting to erase our stories from the present, to tell…

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