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Cover of Better Late Than Forever

Book: Better Late Than Forever

By Shelley Tan | Narrated by Roberta Jackson

…At 50 years old, Sofia had never been attracted to women. So what was it about Kat that suddenly drew Sofia to her? What were these unprecedented thoughts that she found herself pondering about Kat? Her children thought it was…

Cover of The Roads Left Behind Us

Book: The Roads Left Behind Us

By Kat Jackson | Narrated by Lila Winters

Her laser focus is finely tuned and she’s ready for total immersion in literature, subpar student essays, and all the joys that come with being a graduate teaching assistant. She has no time for, or interest in, anything else. Especially…

Cover of The Missing Piece

Book: The Missing Piece

By Kat Jackson

Order. Purpose. Predictability. Dr. Renee Lawler organizes her life around those principles, and rarely does she stray from them. After all, they’ve brought her this far in life, where she enjoys her role as English department chair at a small…

Cover of In Bloom

Book: In Bloom

By Kat Jackson

She insists that she’s absolutely fine being alone, but a part of her still wonders… To Avery Pullman, owner of a flower shop filled with thorns less prickly than her exes, the idea of love is just a disaster waiting…

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