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Cover of Homodramatica

Book: Homodramatica

By Kate Christie

In 2011, shortly before the birth of her first daughter, novelist Kate Christie started a blog called Homodramatica. Over the next few years she would write about queer parenting, lesbian fiction, same-sex marriage, chronic illness, and the joys and challenges…

Cover of Solstice

Book: Solstice

By Kate Christie

…the warm Seattle sun, simple is the last word that describes their feelings. In this rich story of long days and hot nights, newcomer Kate Christie follows the collision course of two women during the summer that changes their lives….

Cover of Gay Pride and Prejudice

Book: Gay Pride and Prejudice

By Kate Christie

…question: What if some among Austen’s characters preferred the company of their own sex? In this queer revision of the classic original, Kate Christie offers an alternate version of love, friendship, and marriage for Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, and others…

Cover of Family Jewels

Book: Family Jewels

By Kate Christie

Michigander Elizabeth “Junior” Starreveld is fairly certain this is the worst year of her twenty-something life. Her girlfriend recently dumped her for her best friend, her longtime mentor is seriously ill, and her conservative Dutch-American family still struggles to accept…

Cover of Flight

Book: Flight

By Kate Christie

From the author of Beautiful Game and Solstice comes a new novel about changing course in the aftermath of loss. It’s June 1993, and Ashley Lake has just been reminded that she is not a lucky person. As a small…

Cover of Leaving L.A.

Book: Leaving L.A.

By Kate Christie

Movie star Tessa Flanagan has retired from the Hollywood grind with a string of popular and critical successes behind her. Now her days revolve around spending time with her daughter Laya and launching a new career in philanthropy. She doesn’t…

Cover of Beautiful Game

Book: Beautiful Game

By Kate Christie

It’s 1991 and Melissa Etheridge is a brand new voice on the radio. In Southern California, it’s almost–but not quite–safe to say the word lesbian out loud. For Camille Wallace, a sophomore attending San Diego University on a soccer scholarship,…

Cover of A Theory of Love

Book: A Theory of Love

By Kate Christie

Eva DeMarco isn’t looking for a relationship. Fresh off a year’s family leave, she is hoping for a quiet return to her teaching and research career at Edmonds University, where she is still in search of the holy grail of…

Cover of Training Ground

Book: Training Ground

By Kate Christie | Narrated by Britney Gil

At fifteen, Jamie Maxwell’s main goals in life are to make the United States youth national soccer pool, move past the Incident-That-Shall-Not-Be- Named, and maybe—someday—kiss a girl. When she meets Emma Blakeley at a tournament in Southern California, something about…

Cover of Game Time

Book: Game Time

By Kate Christie | Narrated by Britney Gil

It’s late 2013, and the world’s best soccer players are gearing up for the 2015 World Cup. In London, Jamie has just completed her third year as a professional footballer at Arsenal Ladies F. C. Only one soccer dream still…