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Cover of Prairie Fire

Book: Prairie Fire

By Kayt C. Peck

…itself. The surprise to them all was the unseen enemy from within, one that had the potential to destroy them all. Endorsement from Anne Hillerman: “Kayt Peck is one of those rare and remarkable women who can do anything she…

Cover of The Past and the Present

Book: The Past and the Present

By Kayt C. Peck

A handful of humans joins with others—most viewed as only magical fantasy in the human world—to lead the fight to overcome great evil and to end a battle begun before any remembered human history. This group of mismatched and diverse…

Cover of The Pyramid and the Painting

Book: The Pyramid and the Painting

By Kayt C. Peck

Kidwell and Anna must face together the ramifications of being thrust into world-changing roles. Such responsibility exacts a price in their own lives and the many lifetimes they’ve shared before. The magic Kidwell and her co-prophet, Aisha, stumbled into in…

Cover of The Kiva and The Mosque

Book: The Kiva and The Mosque

By Kayt C. Peck

The need for answers to save a troubled humanity forces Kidwell Brown and Aisha Sudda, two total strangers, into roles they never could have anticipated. Kidwell and her life-partner, Anna Montoya, live a quiet life in their mountain home until…

Cover of Good Water

Book: Good Water

By Kayt C. Peck

The sweat as she branded or “doctored” cattle…the howl of a coyote in the quiet, night air … half-frozen fingers as she cut the wire to loosen hay bales for hungry cattle scratching for survival in snow-covered land…all of the…

Cover of Broken

Book: Broken

By Kayt Peck

For Captain Melinda Morris, USN, that limit came in the form of a bomb that violated the peace of a Baghdad café. Her career ended, her body damaged, her marriage finished, her home lost—a strong woman learned what it meant…