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Cover of But By Degrees

Book: But By Degrees

By Kit Eyre

A crumbling office on the outskirts of Leeds is an unlikely location for a bomber to target, especially when it’s only the accounting centre for a care home company. Yet the man on the other end of the phone is…

Cover of Such Crooked Wood

Book: Such Crooked Wood

By Kit Eyre

Restoring retro furniture in a converted church is the epitome of a quiet life, yet life isn’t destined to stay that way for Lily McFarlane. A sleepy Yorkshire town comes to life when local bar Spectrum opens their doors on…

Cover of Valerie

Book: Valerie

By Kit Eyre

A taxi driver saves a damsel in distress with car trouble only to find there’s a spark between them. But with a General Election on the horizon and a whole host of secrets ready to implode, the scene is set…

Cover of Spiked

Book: Spiked

By Kit Eyre

Stevie Lee is enjoying a coffee at her favourite cafe when a man falls to his death across the road. As a journalist, Stevie feels compelled to investigate when the police struggle to identify the victim. Yet it isn’t long…

Cover of Nights at the Majestic

Book: Nights at the Majestic

By Kit Eyre

Her weekly visits to watch classic films at the Majestic are the only bright spots in Eve Thomas’s life since the death of her wife. Meanwhile, Lizzie Carlyle is struggling to enjoy anything as work and a partner she doesn’t…

Cover of Valerie Series

Book: Valerie Series

By Kit Eyre

Get the first three books of the Valerie Series together in one bundle. Book 1 – Valerie A taxi driver and a politician. Opposites attract, but can it last? Taxi driver Max Jarvis has never been one for falling hard,…

Top 5 Reads of 2023 Graphic

Lynn's TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

…Rites by Sarah Goodwin White witches and dark malice. A pragmatic detective and a gentle Wiccan unite to bring a murderer to justice. 2. Nights at the Majestic by Kit Eyre This book reminded me of how a movie theatre…