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Cover of Wasteland

Book: Wasteland

By Kristin Keppler and Allisa Bahney

After years of leading a relentless charge against the National Armed Forces, she has nothing left to give. Her brother Lucas in tow, Dani leaves the frontlines for the solitude of the wastelands, content to start a new life as…

Cover of Homeland

Book: Homeland

By Kristin Keppler and Allisa Bahney

Through tragedy and inner turmoil, Dani and Kate have finally found themselves on the same side of the war and fighting for control of the wasteland. When the rumor of a traitor among Dani’s inner circle is revealed and information…

Cover of Title One Last Summer

Book: One Last Summer

By Kristin Keppler

The only problem? Her application hasn’t been accepted yet. Without a backup plan in place, Emerson heads to North Carolina to stay with her aunt and uncle and resume her seasonal job waitressing at the beach… and her no strings…