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Cover of The Midnight Hunt

Book: The Midnight Hunt

By L.L. Raand | Narrated by Maxine Mitchell

Medic Drake McKennan has never been good at following protocol, so she doesn’t think twice about rendering emergency care when a teenager’s life is at stake—even if the young girl is in the throes of Were fever and any sane…

Cover of Night Hunt

Book: Night Hunt

By L.L. Raand | Narrated by Maxine Mitchell

Removed from Sylvan’s guard, Niki struggles to find her place in the Pack and control her desire for a forbidden Were whose call grows stronger every day. Sylvan, driven by primal instincts to protect her pregnant mate, grows more powerful,…

Cover of Blood Hunt

Book: Blood Hunt

By L.L. Raand | Narrated by Maxine Mitchell

With outside forces threatening to destroy the Praetern Coalition, several female Were adolescents turn up missing and chaos descends upon Sylvan’s personal guards when Sylvan and her new mate are overtaken by breeding frenzy. While Sylvan struggles to protect her…

Cover of The Magic Hunt

Book: The Magic Hunt

By L.L. Raand | Narrated by Maxine Mitchell

After escaping the Vampire dungeons beneath the blood club Nocturne, Fae royal Torren de Brinna petitions Sylvan for sanctuary, setting Sylvan and her allies on a collision course with Francesca, Viceregal of the Eastern Vampire seethe. In the midst of…

Cover of The Lone Hunt

Book: The Lone Hunt

By L.L. Raand | Narrated by Maxine Mitchell

Wolf Were Alpha Sylvan Mir wants nothing more than to keep her pregnant mate Drake safe in their secluded stronghold, deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, but enemies, political and praetern, force her into battle. Sylvan must confront…

Cover of Shadow Hunt

Book: Shadow Hunt

By L.L. Raand | Narrated by Maxine Mitchell

With young to raise and her Pack under attack, Sylvan, Alpha of the wolf Weres, takes on her greatest challenge when she determines to uncover the faceless enemies known as the Shadow Lords. While her mate Drake struggles to find…

Cover of Enchanted Hunt

Book: Enchanted Hunt

By L.L. Raand | Narrated by Keira Grace

Trent, one of Sylvan’s lieutenants, understands her duty, but can’t deny the primal call of another Were, even if Zora is the Alpha of the Snowcrest Pack and any relationship between them risks inter-Pack war. When Sylvan receives an unexpected…

Cover of Primal Hunt

Book: Primal Hunt

By L.L. Raand

A coalition is forged between Liege Jody Gates’s Vampires, the Snowcrest wolf Weres, the mountain cat Weres, and Sylvan’s Timberwolves to take the battle to the enemy in Faerie. But before war can be waged, another alliance is needed—the wolf…

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I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge Week 39: 13 Books on Sale

…dedicated to sapphic stories with Vampires. 6 of those are on sale. There are some fab options in both sections, including several top names in lesfic such as J.J. Arias, Monica McCallan, Lily Seabrooke, L.L. Raand, Lucy Bexley, Jae, and…