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Cover of Sweet Creek

Book: Sweet Creek

By Lee Lynch

…over lesbian hippies, now in their 50’s, Donny and Chick run the vegetarian Natural Woman Foods store. In Donny, a black lesbian and Chick, her lover, Lee Lynch continues to depict the struggles of working class butch lesbians and femmes….

Cover of Desire Returns for a Visit

Book: Desire Returns for a Visit

By Sandra de Helen | Narrated by Sandra de Helen

…about falling for cast-off lovers. Sandra de Helen is a fine poet, by turns earthy, erotic, ethereal, funny, a lesbian herstorian, a lover, a beloved. Her poems will be loved as well.” ~Lee Lynch, novelist, essayist, short story writer, trailblazer…

Cover of Time's Rainbow

Book: Time's Rainbow

By Lori L. Lake and Christopher Hawthorne Moss

…narrative of humankind. Authors in the Collection: Christopher Hawthorne Moss, E.J. Kindred, Ethan Stone, Jane Cuthbertson, Jess Faraday, Jon Michaelsen, Judy M. Kerr, Kate McLachlan, Lee Lynch, Lori L. Lake, Nann Dunne, Patty Schramm, Sue Hardesty, and Victor J. Banis….

Cover of Rainbow Gap

Book: Rainbow Gap

By Lee Lynch

Growing up in steamy backcountry Central Florida, they fight each other’s battles: Berry protects boyish Jaudon from bullies, Jaudon gives the abandoned Berry roots. They pledge that nothing will part them, not a changing Florida nor a changing America, not…

Cover of The Swashbuckler

Book: The Swashbuckler

By Lee Lynch

Her hangouts, her women, her small yet universal world tell the stories of the times – and the stories of lesbians today. A timeless journey and a riveting read, The Swashbuckler is heart-wrenching, heartwarming, and unforgettable.