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Cover of Born to Be Mine

Book: Born to Be Mine

By Lexa Luthor

But now she faces an Alpha in full rut, while struggling to keep her promise and not allow Kal to mark her for life, which could send Kander into another civil war. After agreeing to spend the next six months…

Cover of Come to My Door

Book: Come to My Door

By Lexa Luthor

But it isn’t her time, at least not in Kal’s eyes. Questioning her survival, Charlie learns that the godly ruler brought her back from death. Charlie refuses to believe it, until she witnesses it for herself. Although Charlie isn’t ready…

Cover of Dancing in the Darkness

Book: Dancing in the Darkness

By Lexa Luthor

Set deep in the Milky Way galaxy, the beautiful planet, Kander, has been inhabited only by the Kalmar, a race of Alphas and Omegas, until Earth’s humans arrived years ago and disrupted their peace. Since its first dawning, Kander has…

Cover of Of Wulf and Wynd, Part 2

Book: Of Wulf and Wynd: Part 2

By Lexa Luthor

Prince Tharon’s attempt to spy on her enemy kingdom might cost her the only person who once held her heart. But she is unwilling to accept Roswynd’s greatest sacrifice, even if it means ending her life too. Tharon will battle…

Cover of My Everything

Book: My Everything

By Lexa Luthor

Kal loses the Spirit of Kalatas and returns to her former self as Sumner. Not only does Sumner confront old memories, but also vulnerability, risk, as well as a rare opportunity to truly be herself with Charlie. The dangers of…

Cover of An Army of One

Book: An Army of One

By Lexa Luthor

Unable to accept Kal’s fate, Charlie suits up and becomes an army of one in a daring attempt to save Kal from the Sworne. But whether or not she succeeds, Charlie’s belief in Kalatas is now riddled with doubt and…

Cover of Of Wulf and Wynd

Book: Of Wulf and Wynd: Part 1

By Lexa Luthor

The Kingdom of White Sommer and the Kingdom of Wyndfeld had been united and strong. Princess Tharon of White Sommer grew up with her best friend Princess Roswynd of Wyndfeld, both having vowed to always be together. But it all…

Cover of The Iron Edge

Book: The Iron Edge

By Lexa Luthor

Thora is a gorgeous female Alpha slave with foreign features, capturing the attention of Halcyon, who must have her. Like all Alphas, Thora is prideful and thinks an Omega owner will be manageable. She soon discovers that Halcyon is far…

Cover of Running Up That Mountain

Book: Running Up That Mountain

By Lexa Luthor

With the Sworne now at their backdoor, Charlie and Kal face a larger threat than they thought before. Omnis-sar demands Kal to kneel and welcome her to Kander or be devoured. However, Kal will never bend a knee to any…

Cover of Of Wulf and Wynd, Part 3

Book: Of Wulf and Wynd: Part 3

By Lexa Luthor

In accordance with the terms of their marriage, Princess Roswynd and Prince Tharon must visit the Kingdom of White Sommer and Tharon’s family. Behind closed doors, Tharon asks a lord to assist her in seeking permanent peace for her kingdom….