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Cover of Kissed the Mark

Book: Kissed the Mark

By Lila Gwynn

…Olympia that could make her a ton of money, if the target is even real… And if it isn’t, what is Leandra plotting? This F/F fairy/vampire urban fantasy is the first in a new trilogy by indie author Lila Gwynn….

Cover of Falling for the Fugitive

Book: Falling for the Fugitive

By Lila Gwynn

Leandra’s kill bounty has been listed for so long that it’s about to go international, and when top bounty hunter Allie Godden comes to Olympia with a proposal to find the vampire together before someone else does, it’s hard to…

Cover of Undead at Large

Book: Undead at Large

By Lila Gwynn

Of the many things obstructing Olympia’s chances at a peaceful life, her missing murderer and her severe adjustment to being undead only scratch the surface of her problems. Olympia’s focused on hanging onto some semblance of her old self—until chasing…

Cover of The Orc and Her Bride

Book: The Orc and Her Bride

By Lila Gwynn

RUGA KARRSDAUGHTER, dutiful orc princess with a heart of gold, has spent the years since her sister was elected queen serving the orc country of Torden. Her duties now include marrying an elf princess for a much-needed alliance against an…