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Author Emily Alter recommends Life is Sweet by Lily Seabrooke Welcome to Authors Getting Rec’d! Each week, we’ll bring you a new sapphic book recommendation from a favorite sapphic author. Find out what authors are reading and why, plus read…

Cover of Not Like Before

Book: Not Like Before

By Lily Seabrooke and Jacqueline Ramsden

…little gossipy, and is the second collaborative novel between Lily Seabrooke and Jacqueline Ramsden. Features a celebrity actress made of pure sunshine and a historian who’s secretly soft under the surface, a meddling ex, Mackenzie’s meddling family, Lola’s meddling friend…

Cover of One Last Shot

Book: One Last Shot

By Jacqueline Ramsden and Lily Seabrooke

…do they have to lose? One Last Shot is a 100,000-word twin-swap popstar romance, and Lily Seabrooke’s and Jacqueline Ramsden’s first collaborative book, featuring a dysfunctional band that learns to work together, a secret identity, and a tour fling that…

Cover of The Christmas Ball

Book: The Christmas Ball

By Lily Seabrooke

Alice doesn’t want to go to this Christmas party. Pretending to be straight around all her family and the Fowler family for an entire month to prepare for a ball, for her to dance with the man they want her…

Cover of The Christmas Committee

Book: The Christmas Committee

By Lily Seabrooke

With property developer Michael Landgrave trying to buy out the small-town center and pave it over, the town’s best hope is their Christmas Committee revitalizing the old Christmas festival the town used to be famous for. Unfortunately, Piper is the…

Cover of The Rules of Love

Book: The Rules of Love

By Lily Seabrooke

Amber’s rules have kept her safe from heartbreak—an oath to herself not to fall in love. But when her career as a romance novelist suffers for it, a vacation to her hometown brings her face-to-face with her childhood crush Celeste,…

Cover of Night & Day

Book: Night & Day

By Lily Seabrooke

Parker Ferris needed a roommate, but for the crabby ball of snark she is, maybe upbeat Instagram lifestyle influencer Cassie Peterson wasn’t the best choice. Not like she had a choice: with her business rival Gary Founders crushing her coffee…

Cover of Every Rose

Book: Every Rose

By Lily Seabrooke

All Misha’s ever wanted is to get rid of Zoe—so what happens when the world pushes them onto the same side? The pivotal moment in Misha’s career is here and once again, it’s Zoe Archer who’s in her way. After…

Cover of One Step at a Time

Book: One Step at a Time

By Lily Seabrooke

Remington Bennett starts her new life in a new city with a key resolution: do not fall for a woman. She doesn’t even get out of the subway before she falls for one—literally. Dana Gallagher’s life is storybook-perfect, but she’s…