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All About: Wrath of a King by Lily X

Wrath of a King by Lily X Released: Oct 15, 2023 Genre: Fantasy Romance Why this book and why now? The enemies-to-lovers trope is a favorite among readers for its compelling narrative of transformation and growth in relationships. It offers…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Melissa Tereze Strum Me Hard by Renee Dahlia Girlfriend Material by Katia Rose Aliens BykeChic by L. Fergus Cheerleaders from Planet X by Lyssa Chiavari Children of the Stars by K. Aten Destination Alara by SY Thompson The Mountain Whispers…

Cover of Not Like Before

Book: Not Like Before

By Lily Seabrooke and Jacqueline Ramsden

…little gossipy, and is the second collaborative novel between Lily Seabrooke and Jacqueline Ramsden. Features a celebrity actress made of pure sunshine and a historian who’s secretly soft under the surface, a meddling ex, Mackenzie’s meddling family, Lola’s meddling friend…

Cover of Lily's Fire

Book: Lily's Fire

By Lise Gold | Narrated by C.C. Sinclair

Lily is shocked to find herself curiously drawn to her new friend. Lily has never been involved with a woman before but she can’t seem to get the charming and persuasive blonde out of her head. Is this newly awakened…

Cover of Acting the Part

Book: Acting the Part

By Z.R. Ellor | Narrated by Vico Ortiz

Queer actor Lily Ashton has found fame playing lesbian warrior Morgantha on the hit TV show Galaxy Spark. Lily knows how little representation queer girls have, so when the showrunners reveal that Morgantha’s on-screen love interest, Alietta, is going to…

Cover of Party Wall

Book: Party Wall

By Cheyenne Blue

…right. Outgoing newcomer Lily begins to intrude on Freya’s well-ordered life. Freya’s friends, lifestyle, and even her cat are all affected by Lily’s magic touch. Even Freya’s yoga classes rub shoulders with Lily’s sexual-expression workshops. Lily stands for everything Freya…

Cover of Then & Now

Book: Then & Now

By Monica McCallan | Narrated by Lori Prince

…only for a few months, a study abroad experience that felt plucked from those same dreams turned nightmares, but Bennett is back, and Lily wants nothing to do with her. Bennett broke her heart the first time, and Lily swore…

Cover of The Playlist

Book: The Playlist

By Nat Christo

Gina Vergotti, a new teacher with an old soul, is reeling after the suicide of Lily, a friend and mentor… who was also her gay awakening. Charismatic, young-at-heart rock musician, Cori Ryder, is also floundering after Lily’s death, since she…

Cover of Chemistry

Book: Chemistry

By Rachael Sommers | Narrated by Lori Prince

…excitement is derailed after a disastrous run-in with a colleague. Lily didn’t realize she’d have to win over her fellow teachers as well as her students, but that’s okay. Lily’s up to the challenge. Disillusioned Eva Thomas never imagined she’d…

Cover of Love Me for Me

Book: Love Me for Me

By Sarah Ettritch

…to delay taking her place at his side. Someone is leaking confidential documents to a grassroots group that keeps opposing her father’s projects. Erin agrees to go undercover and unmask the traitor. Activist Lily Altree leads the grassroots group that…