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Cover of Louder Than Words

Book: Louder Than Words

By Lisa Elliot

Kelly MacGregor is the CEO of an internationally renowned whisky distillery in her hometown in the Scottish Highlands. But she’s unsettled and has let her adventurous side take a back seat. When she meets a younger woman at a gig,…

Cover of Dancing It Out

Book: Dancing It Out

By Lisa Elliot

Kate has moved to London and is embarking on a new life. She has become an independent, high-achieving young lawyer, who still hasn’t figured out who she really is yet. But when she moves into a house-share in north London…

Cover of The Light in You

Book: The Light in You

By Lisa Elliot

Yoga teacher Angela Forbes has fulfilled her dream of opening her very own studio, Heart Yoga, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. Passionate and principled, she believes in yoga and wants to make a difference. Unfortunately, her studio is hanging…

Cover of Up Against Her

Book: Up Against Her

By Lisa Elliot

Skye, Head of Qualitative Research, loves her job exploring what makes people tick and generating insights for her clients. She’s worked her way up and is on the brink of a promotion at her top market research consultancy. But when…

Cover of Closer than Ever

Book: Closer than Ever

By Lisa Elliot

Anna lives in the Scottish Highlands and works at Glenbuinidh whisky distillery. Loyal to her small town and her beloved distillery, all she wants is to find her future wife, settle down and start a family. But when her American…