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Cover of Welcome To Paradise

Book: Welcome to Paradise

By Lise Gold | Narrated by Jessica Jeffries

…more and as Stella begins to understand why Lisa is so unhappy, she unexpectedly finds herself falling head over heels with the beautiful Brit. Welcome To Paradise is the first book in The Resort Series by bestselling author Lise Gold….

Cover of Blue

Book: Blue

By Lise Gold | Narrated by TJ Richards

When Celia Krügerner visits her Uncle Dieter’s castle in Switzerland for his annual summer ball, she’s excited to learn that Erin, who she shared an unforgettable dance with the year before, will once again be attending. Although their exchange was…

Cover of Christmas in Heaven

Book: Christmas in Heaven

By Lise Gold

Helen works for Heaven, a high-end matchmaking company with a tailored and personal approach. As their number one matchmaker, there’s no way she can turn up at the company Christmas party solo, but she struggles to find a date. Matilda…

Cover of Western Shores

Book: Western Shores

By Lise Gold | Narrated by Addison Barnes

Madison Wilson, a recently graduated marine biologist, is ready to start her adult life with her first job as a research technician in Santa Cruz. After moving to Capitola, a sweet and colorful beach town in Northern California, she is…

Cover of Northern Vows

Book: Northern Vows

By Lise Gold | Narrated by Addison Barnes

Their love story began over a magical Christmas holiday and now Hannah and Kristine have returned to Norway to stay at Espen and Dani’s new eco-resort. They are excited to be taking part in the festivities surrounding Midsummer’s Eve, but…

Cover of The Scent of Rome

Book: The Scent of Rome

By Lise Gold | Narrated by TJ Richards

In a last-ditch attempt to secure an investor for an app she’s developed, Rome Foster travels to her namesake city hoping her luck is going to change. Just as she’s about to pitch her life’s work, she meets the charming…

Cover of The Next Life

Book: The Next Life

By Lise Gold and Madeleine Taylor | Narrated by Abby Craden, Tessa Stavers

After the painful divorce from her husband, Reina Amari, wealthy mother of two, has lost her sense of self. No longer wife and homemaker, she feels low, lonely and purposeless in her huge mansion in the Hamptons. Her life suddenly…

Cover of The Cruise

Book: The Cruise

By Lise Gold | Narrated by C.C. Sinclair

When Cara is made redundant and unable to find another job in journalism, she takes on a seasonal position on a cruise ship with Billie, her best friend’s girlfriend. Billie isn’t her type at all, but as the two grow…

Cover of Fireflies

Book: Fireflies

By Lise Gold | Narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

Senior purser Mia Donoghue is always on the go, leaving her little time for herself. She doesn’t mind being busy; it provides distraction from painful memories and her daily struggle to stay sober. Captain Ava Alfarsi has just been promoted,…