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Cover of Yours, Cara

Book: Yours, Cara

By Louise Vetroff

…her own and unrelenting desire for her lover, Jane wants Cara back in her life and, this time, for good. Louise Vetroff has her readers on the edge when what begins as a story of reunion and reconciliation quickly takes…

Cover of The Birdwatchers

Book: The Birdwatchers

By Louise Vetroff

In the mid-19th-century United States, fate brings together three people from Louisiana: a birdwatcher, a runaway wife, and a little girl, and leads them to a wagon train from Texas to California. Three different characters with three distinct reasons to…

Cover of The Ones Who Care

Book: The Ones Who Care

By Louise Vetroff

An LAPD Detective, Kate Brody, gets a personal assignment from her boss to find the man who attacked his best friend’s daughter in the middle of the night in her mansion. The investigation quickly takes a different turn, leading Kate…