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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Most Beautiful by Harper Bliss Dystopian The Watchtower of Rustoria by Ash Gray The Termination by Annette Mori A Time Before Now by Missouri Vaun Blood Kindness by Arizona Tape Burn by Lucy True The Border Crosser by Cindy Rizzo…

Cover of Burn

Book: Burn

By Lucy True

…in when her admiration for Vi blossoms into forbidden love. Will Kira heed the call to duty or resistance? This is a young adult dystopian lesbian romance with themes that might be darker and a little too true-to-life at times….

Cover of Need

Book: Need

By Lily Hardt

…Immediately Lucy falls head over heels, but she can’t stop the nagging feeling that Lady Nyx, a.k.a. Sierra Castle, is far, far out of her league. Through determination and communication Lucy begins to learn what it is to want, to…

Cover of Sixpenny Octavo

Book: Sixpenny Octavo

By Annick Trent

In the tumultuous political climate of 1790s Britain, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough to land Molly in gaol. Hannah’s one hope to free her lies in the testimony of housemaid Lucy Boone. Lucy has…

Cover of Reality Lesbian

Book: Reality Lesbian

By Q. Kelly

…straight!) When the show expresses interest in casting Lucy, Henry urges her to shove aside her guilt and misgivings. She needs the vacation. She needs the job connections. No one goes on reality TV to find true love, so what…

Cover of The Unlocked Legacy

Book: The Unlocked Legacy

By Lucy True

Unregistered warlock? Check. Date with the Witches Council? Check. Inevitable explosions? Check. Hey, it’s not like Burgundy Jane Hart asked for this, no matter how dull life as Rock Grove’s librarian is. But ever since her father showed up and…

Cover of The Cupid Conundrum

Book: The Cupid Conundrum

By Lucy True

Burgundy Jane Hart is Rock Grove’s librarian and witch-in-training. Life in a supernatural town is pretty good for Burgundy and her quirky neighbors, until Cupid shows up and tries to make matches with disastrous results. (Whoever heard of a werewolf…

Cover of The Firebrand Syndicate

Book: The Firebrand Syndicate

By Lucy True

Wanted Dead or Alive: Burgundy Jane Hart, the female warlock with an amazing sense of style and inappropriate sense of humor. At least, that’s what Burgundy would write on her wanted posters if they existed. Too bad she’s been hiding…

Cover of The Faerie Queen

Book: The Faerie Queen

By Lucy True

Nine years after committing a heinous crime against the Fae, Chiara thought her trespass had been forgotten. She thought wrong. Now an evil queen wants more than Chiara’s life – she demands her love as well. Forever. Seeking retribution, she…

Cover of Shadow of Magick

Book: Shadow of Magick

By Lucy True

There’s only one problem: she doesn’t want the job. Unfortunately, it’s hers whether she wants it or not, because an age-old spell binds her to the town, as it did with each generation of Gray Witch before her. Not only…