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Cover of Eternally Bound

Book: Eternally Bound

By Luna Lawson

In a world of warring covens, Aurelia is a prisoner trapped between two worlds. She is the daughter of a defeated warlord and has been sent to live with a rival coven as a hostage. Raised as a daughter of…

Cover of Eternally Claimed

Book: Eternally Claimed

By Luna Lawson

In the heart of Evermore Stronghold, I was nothing. A nobody from a house that held no influence. But my mother’s scheming ways had brought me to the very edge of the power that controlled our realm. I was lucky…

Cover of Eternally Ruined

Book: Eternally Ruined

By Luna Lawson

He’s been different since my mother’s death, and his obsession with the trade routes that are controlled by the powerful Galata family are consuming him… I barely recognize him anymore. He’s plotting something, and I’m determined to find out what…

Cover of The Lightcrest Contract

Book: The Lightcrest Contract

By Luna Lawson

After my parents died, I was left with more than just an empty house, lawyer fees, and crippling debt. I was also the CEO of a company I had no idea how to manage. The Lightcrest Pack depended on Gray-Foster…

Cover of The Lightcrest Outcast

Book: The Lightcrest Outcast

By Luna Lawson

Being caught in a blizzard with a strange Alpha is worse. Or is it? Mari has always been a disappointment. An omega in a world where Alphas are the only ones who matter, she’s never been certain of her place…