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Cover of Learning to Love Again

Book: Learning to Love Again

By M. E. Tudor

Houstonian Ava White finds herself alone after her wife, Sheila, leaves her for a younger woman. Sheila verbally, emotionally, and physically abused Ava for more than thirty years. Drinking lots of alcohol became Ava’s way of coping with the pain…

Cover of Building Love

Book: Building Love

By M. E. Tudor | Narrated by Sarah Beth Goer

After losing her father in a car accident, Patty McNeal went on a self-destructive wild streak and made a lot of bad choices. Now she’s pregnant and still has a year of high school left to get through. Patty feels…

Cover of Through This Together

Book: Through This Together

By M. E. Tudor

Seventeen-year-old Natalie Weatherby didn’t give the virus in China much thought until the nursing home where her grandmother lives closed to visitors. Shortly after that, schools became virtual. Like many people, Natalie assumed that things would go back to normal,…

Cover of Standing Her Ground

Book: Standing Her Ground

By M. E. Tudor

Jodi Nelson’s parents force her to a Pray-Away-The-Gay session at their church after someone sends pictures of Jodi kissing another girl to her father. Jodi is attacked at the church after the event and runs away with the help of…

Cover of Suddenly

Book: Suddenly

By M. E. Tudor

Jamie doesn’t know what to think when seeing P. J. working at McDonald’s suddenly makes her heart start fluttering. She has never had these feelings for any girl, and she’s terrified by what they might mean. Even though Jamie has…

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