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All About: Olivia's Pirate by Maggie McIntyre

Olivia’s Pirate by Maggie McIntyre Released: Jul 22, 2023 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? Olivia has been in my head for a while. I also have a fascination for Irish history, and went there in February…

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Author Interview: Maggie McIntyre Chats about Olivia's Pirate

Get ready to learn more about the book Olivia’s Pirate in this discussion with sapphic author Maggie McIntyre. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Maggie McIntyre about Olivia’s Pirate, writing, reading, and more. This…

Cover of Love Under Lockdown

Book: Love Under Lockdown

By Maggie McIntyre

…romance from award winning author, Maggie McIntyre, will lift your spirits, tug at your heart-strings and remind you of the power of love, even when you live through the most difficult of times. It is fourth in the series, “Isabel…

Cover of A Girl on the Plane

Book: A Girl on the Plane

By Maggie McIntyre

…it explores the love between two caring and sensitive women who hold each other’s hearts in their hands. Read and enjoy! A Girl on the Plane is the sequel to Maggie McIntyre’s Isabel’s Healing, and the second in her series,…

Cover of Love and Money

Book: Love and Money

By Maggie McIntyre

…the iced peach tea! Set in the gritty world of Los Angeles media moguls and drug cartels, this book is a powerful stand-alone contemporary lesbian romance, but is also a must-read as the third in the series of Maggie McIntyre

Cover of Into The Rough

Book: Into The Rough

By Maggie McIntyre

This is a lesbian romance with a powerful storyline, good humor, and a proper happy ending! Jane Walkley, out and proud, has been head of girls’ P.E. at Reedbridge High School for more than ten years. Her specialties as a…

Cover of Isabel's Healing

Book: Isabel's Healing

By Maggie McIntyre

Do opposites attract? Well, perhaps not always! Dynamic and driven, charity director Bel Bridgford planned to write a ground-breaking book on Climate Change until a ten-ton truck smashed into her little car and destroyed it, almost killing her in the…

Cover of Up the Garden Path

Book: Up the Garden Path

By Maggie McIntyre

Cait Channing is a perfectionist, and she’s turned it into a career across three continents. Demanding as much of herself as of others, she knows what she wants and usually gets it. But something has changed, so Cait moves to…

Cover of Heatwave

Book: Heatwave

By Maggie McIntyre

Catriona (Cat) Sinclair, fresh out of film school and keen to impress, starts her career in television as an assistant to the film editor at Montpellier Media, California’s sharpest and most profitable TV Channel. Katherine Konrad, CEO, beautiful, quick-witted and…

Cover of Olivia's Pirate

Book: Olivia's Pirate

By Maggie McIntyre

In the picturesque Cotswolds, Olivia Massie, a meticulous editor absorbed in books but wary of people, admires her friend Bel Bridgford’s open affection for women, especially her adoring wife, Bryony. Intrigued by Bel’s latest ground-breaking book on climate change, Olivia…