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Cover of Spirit of the Dance

Book: Spirit of the Dance

By Mardi Alexander

She pushes herself to rebuild her family’s legacy while battling the PTSD that threatens to overwhelm her. Local saddler and horse trainer Riley Johnson knows that to get along in a small town, one simply has to make the best…

Cover of Twice Lucky

Book: Twice Lucky

By Mardi Alexander | Narrated by L.W. Salinas

Mackenzie “Mouse” James’s life is all about firefighting. Being a firefighter fills her waking hours, leaving her too tired to think, to socialize, or to put herself out there. A large part of Sarah Macarthur’s success as a doctor is…

Cover of To Be Determined

Book: To Be Determined

By Mardi Alexander and Laurie Eichler

What better way than to travel halfway around the world? A wildlife rescue exchange program in Australia looks like the perfect solution to her current predicament. Pip Atkins has an innate affinity for wildlife, but people are another story. When…

Precipice of Doubt

Book: Precipice of Doubt

By Mardi Alexander and Laurie Eichler

Her assistant Cole Jameson offers the support she needs to get back on her feet, and as their mutual affection deepens, Jodi wonders if Cole might not be as straight as she appears. Cole lost everything in a workplace romance…