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Cover of Heart Surgeon

Book: Heart Surgeon

By Margaux Fox

I had never questioned my heterosexuality, until I met her, and right away I knew that nothing would ever be the same again. This is an intense steamy Age Gap, Straight-to-Gay, Medical Sapphic Romance. Dr. Juliet Sansus is the well…

Cover of Her Royal Bodyguard

Book: Her Royal Bodyguard

By Margaux Fox

Following an accident, Sergeant Erin Kennedy gets the promotion of her life, becoming bodyguard to Princess Alexandra, the future Queen of the United Kingdom. Rule Number One in the Bodyguard handbook is: Never fall in love with the client. Princess…

Cover of Finding Haley

Book: Finding Haley

By Margaux Fox

Haley Anderson has run away to Spain following the breakdown of her marriage. She wants to start again, to find something, to find herself perhaps. She doesn’t expect to be swept off her feet and into the bed of a…

Cover of Hot for the Royal CEO's Bodyguard

Book: Hot for the Royal CEO's Bodyguard

By Hazel Emilie

…Melting ice queens is practically my superpower. But things get a touch complicated when I run into an old friend the night before my first day on the job. “Enter Captain Fox: ex-army, abs you could grate cheese on, swoonworthy…