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Author Interview: Merlina Garance Chats about The Flourishing

Get ready to learn more about the book The Flourishing in this discussion with sapphic author Merlina Garance. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Merlina Garance about The Flourishing, writing, reading, and more. This…

The Flourishing

All About: The Flourishing by Merlina Garance

The Flourishing by Merlina Garance Released: May 20, 2023 Genre: Romantic Suspense Why this book and why now? Last year I decided that in 2023 I would finally start self-publishing. At first I didn’t have any specific idea for a…

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All About: Mending Bones by Merlina Garance

Mending Bones by Merlina Garance Released: Dec 15, 2023 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? I wrote about Claire’s character in my first release, The Flourishing, and I knew from the start I wanted to spend more…

Cover of Mending Bones

Book: Mending Bones

By Merlina Garance

Claire, a Detective Inspector in her late forties, has known and worked with Estelle for many years. Ever since they met, it felt like there could have been something more there: Estelle’s gentle flirting and compliments have been a constant…

Cover of The Flourishing

Book: The Flourishing

By Merlina Garance

When Andy Campbell, Detective Inspector in Leicester, gets assigned the case of Mr Parry’s disappearance, she expects to find nothing else than an umpteenth marriage ruined by a husband taking off with his mistress. Instead, she ends up investigating a…