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Cover of An Unusual Year

Book: An Unusual Year

By Mia Kazi

When flirtatious Jo wonders whether she has lesbian tendencies, she begins a relationship with Izzy, a fellow teacher. Then, Jo moves on to Julia, and agrees to go on a holiday with her to Laos, where she meets Jonno, who…

Cover of The Faberge Egg

Book: The Faberge Egg

By Mia Kazi

As Jo and Izzy recover from the events of “an unusual year”, they are given an apparently innocent present by an eccentric colleague at their school. When the present turns out to be a lost Fabergé egg they find themselves…

Cover of My So Called Bloody Life

Book: My So Called Bloody Life

By Mia Kazi

When Yashica suddenly realised she had feelings for one of her closest friends and blurts them out to her, she was totally unprepared for the storm of hate her classmates unleashed upon her and the backlash from her Asian family….

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