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Cover of Veiled Conspiracy

Book: Veiled Conspiracy

By Michele L. Coffman

Elaina Williams works hard as a mid-level TV news reporter who dreams that one day she’ll sit behind the anchor desk, viewed as a respectable newscaster. Luck seems to turn her way when her ex-girlfriend, Kim, a conspiracy-seeking journalist, requests…

Cover of The Purification

Book: The Purification

By Michele L Coffman

New security recruit Trish Webber was born and raised in an underground bunker controlled by what was left of the U.S. government following a mysterious global disaster. After witnessing her mother’s murder at age four, she is isolated from others…

Cover of The Understanding

Book: The Understanding

By Michele L. Coffman

Six months after Trish Webber wakes from her coma, the walled-in Rapid City has grown in both population and land. With Colonel Aralyn Williams and her militia protecting these citizens from the infected creatures who plague the planet, life appears…