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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Lexa Luthor Endurance by Elaine Burnes The Alien’s Veterinarian by Arizona Tape and Skye MacKinnon Ever The Hero by Darby Harn Ardulum by J.S. Fields Mail Order Bride by Molly J. Bragg The Flaw In Logic by SY Thompson Deus…

Cover of The Master of Puppets

Book: The Master of Puppets

By Molly J Bragg

Jakari, an alien assassin, receives orders taking her to a primitive alien world. She expects the mission to be like any other. Get in, eliminate the target and get out again. Instead, when she arrives, she finds out that one…

Cover of Scatter

Book: Scatter

By Molly J. Bragg | Narrated by Jennifer Pickens

When Deputy US Marshal Danielle ‘Danny’ Martin was told she’d gotten a promotion, she expected to be leading her own fugitive retrieval team. Instead, she got transferred to Pontian Florida of all places, and assigned to a Superhero support detail…

Cover of Mail Order Bride

Book: Mail Order Bride

By Molly J. Bragg

Ten years ago, aliens from a Galaxy spanning government called the Hegemony arrived in the Solar system and ever since Earth has been on a long, slow journey to becoming a banana republic. Samantha ‘Sam’ Murray has spent her entire…

Cover of Transistor

Book: Transistor

By Molly J. Bragg

When Naomi Woodward’s doctor recommended her for a clinical trial, it seemed like the answer to her prayers. She was finally able to get her gender confirmation surgery and the surgery was a resounding success. She finally looked and felt…

Cover of Blood of the Basilisk

Book: Blood of the Basilisk

By Molly J. Bragg

Kota, a sorceress who works as a detective with the Grimmani Detective Agency, is on her way to a new posting on the world of Proximus. She’s been charged with transporting a mystical artifact called a Keystone that will allow…

Cover of Aether

Book: Aether

By Molly J. Bragg

When Maggie Bennett agreed to take a break from her own research to be the test subject in an experiment, all she wanted to do was help her best friend Sierra secure grant funding for the new medical imaging machine…