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Christmas Culinary Magic

All About: Christmas Culinary Magic by Morgan Routh

Christmas Culinary Magic by Morgan Routh Released: November 15, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? Sometimes the world needs uncomplicated joy. This book was written for people to safely drift away into a world of baking,…

Friday Feels Graphic

Morgan Routh, Top Books, Freebies, and Birthday Dog

We made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate. Here at IHS Headquarters, we’re taking the weekend off to have some festive fun. Then we have to turn our focus on prepping the End of the Year 99c…

Cover of Geraldine

Book: Geraldine

By Morgan Routh

Amazon Top 100 Best Selling Author For Lesbian Fiction, Medical Fiction, and LGBT Anthologies & Collections Dr. Geraldine Colburn is a tough, ethics-driven CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Ever since a mysterious, Valeant / Martin Shkreli type company called Shogi…

Cover of Dorm Life, Dorm Love

Book: Dorm Life, Dorm Love

By Morgan Routh

Anneliese “Peaches” Mitchem thought she was straight. But after Jolene “Jo” becomes her new RA for the dorms, Peaches can’t help but become completely infatuated with her. Peaches enlists the help of her BFF and roommate Veronica to try and…

Cover of Sarah

Book: Sarah

By Morgan Routh

A sweet, part-time zookeeper named Sarah is learning to grow up. Between juggling community college and living by herself for the first time, she spends afternoons apprenticing under her best friend, an asexual lion tamer named Buddy while they take…

Cover of Christmas Culinary Magic

Book: Christmas Culinary Magic

By Morgan Routh

Demisexual Noelle Perkins feels a bit lonely in the city. After discovering a flyer for culinary classes to make mouthwatering Christmas dishes, Noelle decides to leave her little nook in search of adventure and some tasty treats. Little does she…