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Spotlight on Nita Round

…website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on Nita Round. Nita Round is a British author who writes in several genres:…

Cover of Fresh Start

Book: Fresh Start

By Encarnita Round

…love even when the odds feel stacked against you. (Note Fresh Start was published under my other pen name Nita Round in 2017. Rights retained and rebranded. Nita Round is my fantasy/speculative fiction pen name, with Encarnita Round for romance)….

Friday Feels Graphic

Top Sapphic Books, Nita Round, Freebies, and More

We’ve made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate! Find out the 3 top sapphic books with the most clicks this week, 5 Random Things about sapphic author Nita Round, women loving women freebies, and an adorable dog…

Cover of Seance and Sensibility

Book: Seance and Sensibility

By Nita Round

Why, Godwyn, Why? There is only one question Hesta wants to ask her brother, and that is why? Why did he sell her? Why did he make her a slave? Why didn’t he tell her what he had done? But…

Cover of The Ghost of Emily Tapper

Book: The Ghost of Emily Tapper

By Nita Round

Two families inexorably linked through time and misfortune, come together to face an uncertain, and possibly fatal, future. Maggie Durrant, heir to a rambling estate is plagued with a curse that will end her days. Providing her brother doesn’t get…

Cover of A Touch of Rage

Book: A Touch of Rage

By Nita Round

They thought the ancient evil was no more. They were wrong. The mummy has returned. Magda, captain of a sacred order vows to rid the world of evil. This time it’s personal. The creature that cost her love has returned….

Cover of Fur and Fangs

Book: Fur and Fangs

By Nita Round

Some fight evil with swords and force. Evie and Hesta stand against evil with no more than their will and a song. In a series of violent and horrific murders, The Butcher of Bristelle, strikes terror into the heart of…

Cover of A Touch of Fire

Book: A Touch of Fire

By Nita Round

A promise made in fire and ice. A promise kept in death and stone. A truth in three, arise the trinity. Home to Gidhera. Here Ascara must prove herself through combat and the strength of her heart and soul. These…

Cover of A Touch of Purple

Book: A Touch of Purple

By Nita Round

Hidden in the shadows, something unseen is hunting them all. The Raven Tower summons the trinity to return home. Neither the tower nor magic tell them why. One by one the soldiers tasked with defending its people, fall to an…

Cover of Sirens and Syphons

Book: Sirens and Syphons

By Nita Round

A tormented past, a demon, and a death foretold. Evie is free, no longer a slave. Living in a world that fears the gifted and supernatural she worries her freedom will be not last. Her saviour Hesta wishes to redeem…